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eIDAS meets PSD2

Date: 20-Mar-18 to 20-Mar-18
Location: France
ETSI is developing a standard for the use of EU Qualified Certificates, as defined in Regulation (EU) No 910/201 (eIDAS), profiled to meet the requirements for securing communications between payment services under Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2). This event is to explain the PSD2 Qualified Certificates as specified by ETSI in TS 119 495 and discuss its usage with eIDAS trust service providers and PSD2 payment service providers. This is to be a joint workshop with Open Banking Europe (OBE), a multi-national community of Associations, Regulators, Banks, TPPs and Service Providers for PSD2.

ETSI Summit

Date: 19-Apr-18 to 19-Apr-18
Location: France
Data is said to be the most valuable asset in the digital economy. Europe adopts an ambitious set of rules to deal with the circulation and protection of data, both private and business related. Get a grasp of the policy and legislative landscape around data flow in EU and beyond. Discuss the interplay of data with regulation, legislation, technologies and standards. Hear viewpoints and debate with experts coming from different points of the ecosystem.

FTTH APAC Conference 2018: Deploying deep fiber to the network edge

Date: 08-May-18 to 10-May-18
Location: Manila / Philippines
The FTTH APAC Conference 2018 is the ultimate meeting point for all companies active in the Asia-Pacific telecoms market. With more than 600 senior executives from the region’s operators, solutions providers and vendors, the event provides an unrivalled opportunity to position your company as a market leader, network and secure new business with industry leaders. We are delighted to announce that the 13th Annual FTTH APAC Conference will be coming to Manila in 2018. As one of Asia’s most exciting markets, it is the perfect time to come to the Philippines and understand what opportunities and challenges are facing the Asian communication sector. 73% of the world’s FTTx subscribers and 48% of the world’s fixed broadband in 2017 will be in the Asia-Pacific region. Over 600 attendees ...


Date: 17-May-18 to 19-May-18
Location: Durban / South Africa
AITEX - Africa’s premier ICT and Technology event which will showcase the new trends in the industry. Africa’s ICT industry is growing at a steady pace and a lot of cooperation is going on in public and private sector AITEX will provide a unique platform for the IT and Consumer Electronics industry to show case and communicate to the business community in a friendly and neutral venue

SCWS World

Date: 21-May-18 to 23-May-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
SCWS World is the definitive meeting place to explore the routes to densifying the indoor and outdoor HetNet, through technologies including small cells, Wi-Fi, DAS, and the accompanying enablers; backhaul, new and unlicensed spectrum and access models. It is the official global event of the Small Cell Forum, and features the Small Cell Awards. It also is endorsed by Wi-Fi Alliance, MulteFire Alliance and ETSI/3GPP. - Overcome the obstacles to deploying the latest technologies in network densification, and the enablers helping drive down CAPEX and - Understand how to meet the demands behind enterprise connectivity, and new business models monetising seamless - Take stock amidst a changing provider ecosystem, emerging technologies and new spectrum opportunities - Network ...